Fareast 580 RIB - Offshore support and coaching

The 580 is the ultimate support and coaching work horse. With a high, narrow bow and wide stern, this boat is fast, stabile and dry. This “military grade” coach boat can handle off shore conditions, tow like a champ and is still nimble enough to safely coach in a tight fleet. Supplied only in the best material available: ORCA 828 Hypalon.


Loa 5.80m
Beam 2.40m
Max crew nr. 8

FAREAST 580 RIB pricelist 2018 AU V1.0.pdf

Tube diam. 0.50m
Tube vol. 2.80m3
Chambers 5
Tube material Orca 828 Hypalon
Weight 365kg
Max load 950kg
Max engine weight 181kg
Max power 90hp

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