Fareast 480 RIB - The low cost solution

IN STOCK - A low cost professional training, coach and support boat that will also suit parents to support and to see their youngsters perform from close by. Rated for enough power to tow and nimble enough to move around the fleet. Designed for manoeuvrability with a wave piercing narrow bow and deep V bottom for a stable and dry ride. Supplied only in the best material available: ORCA 828 Hypalon


LOA 4.80m
Beam 2.10m
Tube Diam. 0.52m
Max Crew nr 7

FAREAST 480 RIB pricelist 2017 AU V1.0.pdf

Tube Diam. 0.52m
Tube Vol. 2.07m3
Chambers 5
Tube Material Orca Hypalon 828
Weight 220kg
Max Load 900kg
Max Engine Weight 125kg
Max Power 50Hp

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