Yacht World reviewed the FarEast 28R and were impressed

August 6, 2016 - Matthew Sheahan went to Stockholm to test the new 28 foot One Design race boat that appears to offer superb value for money in a rapidly growing racing niche - CLICK on the picture to play

"Just over a year ago a little known Chinese yard, the Shanghai Fareast Boats Co. Ltd. made a big impression at the Dusseldorf boat show with a rocket red, all carbon, downwind master blaster."

"....dropping the price hasn’t meant a commensurate drop in quality, far from it. In fact she’s really pretty well built throughout, something that was easy to see empty interior. I had a good rummage around the shell like accommodation where a tidy bag and some non slip were the only furnishings and was impressed. Clean, tidy and with no sharp edges, there are plenty of boats on the market at twice the price and half the finish."

"Uphill or down, she seemed to know her way and fell into the groove with ease. Controls were close to hand and everything worked...she's well-balanced, easy to handle and has plenty of space..."

"The overall effect could be a benefit to all racers by helping to build a new class of sub-30ft fast, open-cockpit racers for a broad range of pockets - which can only be a good thing."

Matthew Sheahan, Yachting World


Please see the YACHTING WORLD TEST VIDEO under: FarEast 28R

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