2x Used 28R + 19R Specials

July 3, 2019 - - 2x Used Fareast 28R -- 1x Demo 19R -- 1x Brand NEW 19R at $29,950 sail away!

* 1x Used Fareast 28R

Offered with full a package North sails, Main, 2x Jib, 2x masthead Kite, storm sails. B&G instrument package with special race features, wind, speed, depth, chart plotter, 2x mast display (worth $6000). Oceanic custom trailer with extension drawbar, side catchers, extra light boards and signs. 5hp Mercury Outboard, Cat 5 safety gear, etc. Build 2016. Located in Brisbane. Asking Au $75,950 negotiable.


** 1x Used Fareast 28R

Sail Airlie Hammo or Magnetic, the boat is already there! (Bowen) Only 2 years old, maintained and equipped with lots of TLC. Extensively equipped with a UK Aramid Membrane sail package, Main, 3x Jib, 2x kite and the weapon, a Code 0 on a Selden furler. The boat comes with a Ray Marine instrument package incl. chart plotter.  Separately mounted is a Velocitec Pro Start. This is the only boat in Aus that has 2 pipe cots and a forward hatch for ventilation. Be fully self sufficient with its keel lift system and mast raising tools. Road ready with a Custom Tinka Aluminium trailer on USA axles and hydraulic brakes. Extension drawbar and all the signs, extra lights, straps etc. are included. Meticulous owner spend about $140k This great opportunity is now available for $84,950 (negotiable)


*** 19R Grab a bargain!

Buy a Fareast 19R at the 4 in 1 container price, Demo boat available (please call) and a brand new one for $29,950 Sail away.

By far the most affordable sub 20ft boat on the market. It even gets better, a full set of laminate racing sails including the A-Sym kite is included!

The 19R is fun to sail, it's fast and responsive without things running out of hand easily, there is 44% ballast in the lead torpedo bulb and hull has a high form stability. The modern design further features a square top main (no Backstay on the 19R) and A-Sym kite for easy gybing. The deck stepped mast, fully retractable keel and pin hung rudder make the 19R easy to trailer and sailing 'from home' a breeze. Take the boat to your favourite destinations, for a holiday, weekend or just a day sail.

For CLUBS we have 2 Fareast 19R's with a minor imperfection available at a never to be repeated price. Get in touch with us and your sponsor? to see how we can make this work for you. 

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