19R Super Specials

November 10, 2018 - Buy a Fareast 19R at the 4 in 1 container price ...one only! Summer is here and we can get you on the water this holiday in our brand new stock boat. Read further for pricing

Where do you find a more affordable sub 20ft boat on the market? Easy trailable and easy to set up with a deck stepped mast makes sailing 'from home' a breeze. How easy it is to go sailing in your favourite destinations and taking the boat on your holidays. For racing Fareast will push the 19R into a world wide recognised class, take a head start and go for our one off Super Special, buy a Fareast 19R for the 4 in 1 container price of $29,950 incl. GST and a set of racing sails.


For CLUBS we have up to 3 Fareast 19R's available at a never to be repeated price point, Get in touch with us and your sponsor? to see how we can make this work for you  

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